VPNE Parking Solutions  


  As your partner, VPNE believes it is our responsibility to drive your business and build your brand.  We custom design an operating plan and customize a team around each client’s definition of success.  VPNE’s recruiting philosophy is to target super friendly, smart, energetic, positive individuals, reward them for exceptional performance and provide them with constant opportunities for growth and enrichment. Whether it is recruiting or training staff, selecting uniforms, buying signs or designing operating procedures, the objectives of your organization and the mission of your institution are our guiding principles. We coach and reward our team to deliver your definition of success.
Contact:   Sarah Bingham
Senior Manager of New Client Solutions
  Cell/Direct Line: 617-901-8126
    VPNE Parking Solutions
343 Congress Street, Suite 3300
Boston, MA 02210
  Phone: 617-451-1393
  MEREDA Member since 2015.
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