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City of Portland 2020 Ballot Questions

This fall, Portland residents will vote on six ballot questions. MEREDA supports policies to advance smart growth, affordable housing, and collaborative solutions to climate change.  We do not support Questions C, D, and E on the Portland ballot because they will not help solve any of those problems – despite what the proponents claim.

These initiatives were written in a vacuum by a special interest group seeking to advance its agenda. They were not developed with any public process, no public hearing, and no broad stakeholder input. If enacted, they cannot be changed by the City Council for five years.

These proposals ignore real implications to Portland’s housing market, including the construction of hundreds of units of affordable housing set to come online in the next one to two years that will not be built if this proposal is passed.  Our City Council has been and is capable of taking action to solve Portland’s housing crisis in a way that works for Portland.  These proposals undermine that work.

The process was bad, the policies are badly conceived, and the proposals are badly written. MEREDA and the Building a Better Portland campaign urge Portland voters to vote NO on Questions C, D, and E this fall.

To learn more about these proposals, and information on how you can help, please take a look at our Voter Action Guide

Legislative Update
July 2020

While much has changed in the world in the past months, the MEREDA Public Policy Committee has continued to stay engaged on critical matters impacting our members.