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April 11, 2018 at 9:59 am · · Comments Off on Linda Snyder, 2to4homes.com / Allen & Selig Realty

Linda Snyder, 2to4homes.com / Allen & Selig Realty


The most important purchase most people will make is their first home. If done smartly that purchase can be the first step to building real wealth. An owner-occupied multi-unit can be that smart move… just think: income, deductions, appreciation, depreciation!

Multi-unit residential properties and small office buildings are my specialty. After two decades owning, managing and leasing 15 of my own properties I have the kind of knowledge that only comes from extensive experience.

Now as a Realtor working with a partnership of mortgage brokers, insurance agents and accountants, we have 2to4homes.com – a team approach to small real estate ownership.


Linda Snyder