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MEREDA is excited to announce the formation of a new committee for our enthusiastic emerging leaders.  The committee is formed with a simple mission: “To engage membership and create professional development opportunities within MEREDA for the next generation of industry professionals”.

In the coming months, the committee will work on developing a “Lunch & Learn” series aimed at drawing on the expertise of MEREDA’s seasoned members and sharing their experiences with this group of emerging professionals, as well as a mentorship program and other special projects to cultivate and connect MEREDA’s future leaders within the organization.

For more information on DevelopME, or to join the committee/mailing list, please send an email to Shelly Clark at info@mereda.org, or contact DevelopME’s committee chairs, Cameron Woodford at cwoodford@lihc.com and Ben Brennan at benjamin.brennan@kone.com.

DevelopME Committee Members