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MEREDA Matters

The Real Estate Podcast with Insider Conversations You’ll Want to Hear!

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall listening in on a conversation between Maine’s real estate industry leaders? You’re in luck – MEREDA now has a podcast: MEREDA Matters! This is not your typical Q&A session. This is a podcast that puts you in the room with the people who are driving responsible development in Maine. It’s dynamic and we don’t know where each conversation will go, but with MEREDA President Craig Young and other MEREDA members leading the conversation, you’re sure to learn something new each episode. MEREDA Matters gives you insider conversations that highlight the people, stories, and relationships behind the real estate and development deals in Maine. Listen to a new conversation each month!

“I’ve been a part of MEREDA for years, and what has always stood out to me is the people. At every MEREDA event, I always have a great conversation with someone. The MEREDA Matters podcast is about sharing those great, insider conversations. We rub elbows with these folks professionally, but what makes them excited to get up in the morning? What are they putting in their coffee? What matters most to them? Let’s get into it together!”

Craig Young, MEREDA President




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Podcast Episodes

Episode 4 – April 2023 – coming soon!

Our fourth episode with co-hosts Shannon Richards and Craig Young, features guests Catherine Culley, Partner and Co-Founder of Redfern Properties and  Erin Cooperrider,  Principal of NewHeight Group.

Episode 3 – March 2023

Our third episode with co-hosts Craig Young and Paul Peck, featuring guests Dan Brennan of MaineHousing and Kevin Bunker of Developers Collaborative.

Episode 2 – February 2023

Our second episode with co-hosts Craig Young and Paul Peck, featuring guests Scott Kelley and Karl Strand of Boyne Resorts.

Episode 1 – January 2023

Check out our 1st Episode featuring Kevin French, Chairman, CEO, Landry / French Construction, Co.