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Member Benefits & Services

MEREDA helps its members succeed by focusing on three key areas.

The first is Advocacy. Our Legislative Committee keeps a watchful eye on dozens of bills during every legislative session. This is a complicated, time consuming, detail oriented, and often-costly mission. MEREDA has been successful in establishing itself as a voice of reason who will help Legislators understand the potential implications, both good and bad, of a piece of proposed legislation. We have been and continue to be very well positioned to influence the process. Due to the consistent and reasonable approach our members and friends have taken in Augusta, our opinions are sought out, incorporated into the debate and reflected in the results.

The second focus area is Education. Throughout the State each year, from Portland to Lewiston/Auburn to Bangor, MEREDA hosts a series of utstanding educational seminars on topics of interest to our members. Our annual Forecast and Spring Conferences regularly have 200-400 attendees making these our “can’t miss” events.

The third focus area is Networking. By being an active member you have the opportunity to connect with a diverse network of real estate related service providers. Over the years, many beneficial business relationships have been established as a result of the networking opportunities available as a MEREDA member.

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